Demet Services understands the urgency of machine tool failure in the middle of a parts run. Thatís why we always send the most qualified and familiar Service Engineer according to the type of machine and problem to be serviced.

Right from the start, Demet Services Service Engineers and Technicians focus on the customerís exact needs. When a production machine tool is down for unplanned maintenance, time is money. The symptoms are evident. Unfortunately applying a band-aid to the symptom guarantees the symptom will return. Treating the symptom allows the root cause of the failure to become a more serious condition. Over time this leads to even more costly downtime and repair costs. Careful examination of the symptoms and listening to all of the facts before a repair attempt is made brings the root cause of machine tool failure to surface. Demet Services focuses on root cause targeted repairs. This method of machine tool service is our foundation for success. We specialize in diagnosing the root cause of machine tool failure, explaining to our customers what their options are and letting them choose the course of action that best fits their present needs. We feel that working in partnership with our customers best allows us to provide a permanent solution for your service needs. Customer involvement is our way of doing business.

We service all types and models of machines and controls.
Cincinnati Milacron - Big Blue, 850, 950, 2100 and Siemens 840D, SNK, Allen Bradley, FANUC

Do you have a machine that doesn't run, sitting in the corner collecting dust?
It's old, Think it needs a retrofit? Maybe it can run again without a retrofit.
We service and repair all types of machines and equipment.

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